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About Us

The Android Mini PC MK802 is a PC-on-a-stick produced by Rikomagic using All Winner A1X SoC, based on an ARM architecture, composed of an ARM V7 based Cortex-A8 1 GHz processor, a Mali-400 MP GPU, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and a VPU CedarX capable of displaying up to 1080p video. 

The thumb sized MK802, which was first brought into market in May 2012, can turn a display with a HDMI or DVI-D port into a Android computer. Since the original design was introduced, five other similar models have been released. 

  • MK802: Original design
  • MK802+: RAM increased to 1 GB
  • MK802 II: Modified form and slightly increased processor speed
  • MK802 III: A new design featuring a Rockchip RK3066, a dual-core ARM CPU (Cortex-A9 at 1.6 GHz), Mali GPU and 4 GB or 8 GB flash storage that runs Android 4.1.
  • MK802 IIIs: Added Bluetooth support, soft power-off function and XBMC support.
  • MK802 IV: Due to launch in April 2013, a new design featuring a Rockchip RK3188, a quad-core ARM CPU (Cortex-A9 at 1.8 GHz), 2 GB of RAM, Mali GPU and 8 GB of flash storage that runs Android 4.4.
  • MK802 V: RK3288 A17 Quad Core 4K MINI PC V5 16GB

Rikomagic also released Android TV boxes with reliable quality and cutting edge technology.

  • MK902: Runs Android 4.4 and is equipped with the RK3288 quad core chipset.
  • MK902II: Runs Android 4.4 and is equipped with the RK3188 quad core chipset..

Shenzhen Rikomagic Tech Corp.,Ltd is a high technology enterprise, product line majors in Android MINI PC. Rikomagic developed the first Android MINI PC in the world and got good feedback from market in short time! is owned by CRHouse Technology Inc., who is located in Markham, Ontario , Canada, specializes in Android/Linux mini PC/TV box and Video products as well as HDMI/Compoment/Composite/VGA/Cables Products. CRHouse distributes full line of Rikomagic brand products and other related products.

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